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Putting it in print: GENERATION HD1 study results published

December 8, 2023

The outcomes of the GENERATION HD1 trial have just been published in a scientific journal, nearly three years after the study was halted. In March…

Regulating repetition: Gaining control of CAG repeats could slow progression of Huntington’s disease

December 2, 2023

“Somatic expansion” is a hot topic in Huntington’s disease research. Somatic expansion is a process in which CAG repeats lengthen in some cells during aging….

Beyond huntingtin lowering: out-of-the-box approaches for the treatment of HD

November 24, 2023

In recent years, HD research headlines have trended toward huntingtin lowering: experimental therapies that target the root genetic cause of HD. But there are also…

Getting to the Root of Huntington’s Disease: A Plant-Based Approach

October 16, 2023

Researchers studied a fragment of the Huntington’s disease (HD) protein in plants and found a new way to stop it from forming toxic clumps. A…

Could halting CAG expansions be a new treatment for HD?

October 6, 2023

A recent paper from a group at UMass Chan Medical School, spearheaded by Dr. Daniel O’Reilly and led by Dr. Anastasia Khvorova, used genetic strategies…

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