We are looking for photos from the Australian HD community.



What are we looking for?


High quality self-portraits, family or group shots welcome.

How to submit your photos


  • Email info@hdna.com.au with “Photo submission” in the subject line. You are welcome to provide some additional information about the photos if you wish.
  • Attach the photos to your email or include a link to them.
  • Please ensure you include a signed copy of the Monash University Consent Form or we won’t be able to use your photos. This form will need to be completed and signed by each person in the photo, if more than one.

We appreciate you taking the time to submit your photos.

Terms and Conditions for photo submission


By submitting your photo(s) you agree to the following:

  • You are granting the HDNA permission to use your photo as it sees fit, for the sole purpose of promoting the HDNA and the Map-HD Registry.
  • You are granting permission for your photo to be used in any medium or form of distribution, including but not limited to the HDNA website, social media channels, brochures, posters and other printed material. We may need to copy your photo depending on how we use it.
  • You understand that we cannot guarantee that your photo will not be copied by unauthorised individuals or groups.
  • You will not receive any payment if the HDNA decides to use your photo.
  • You retain copyright and intellectual property of the photo.
  • You warrant that you hold all copyright and intellectual property in your photo.
  • You indemnify and hold harmless Monash University and the HDNA against all claims brought by any third party claiming breach of copyright or privacy breach in the photo.
  • You understand that we reserve the right to deny or remove your photo at any time.
  • You understand that should you wish to have your photo removed from any future publication, you need to inform us of this by sending an email to info@hdna.com.au with “Photo withdrawal” in the subject line.