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Huntington’s disease therapeutics conference 2022 – Day 2

Good morning and welcome to Day 2 of HDBuzz coverage of the CHDI HD Therapeutics conference! Innovative approaches for HD therapeutics Chairing the third session…

Shining a spotlight on huntingtin: a tool to measure huntingtin-lowering in real time

A recent addition to the Huntington’s disease research toolkit lets us “see” how well huntingtin lowering drugs are working in the brains of HD animal…

HDYO’s International Young Adults Virtual Congress

The Huntington’s Disease Youth Organization is hosting their 2nd International Young Adults Virtual Congress on 5 – 6 March 2022. Registration is free. Find out…

WAVE Announcement

Wave Life Sciences Announces Initiation of Dosing in Phase 1b_2a SELECT-HD Clinical Trial of WVE-003 in Huntington’s Disease

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