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Huntington’s Disease Therapeutics Conference 2024 – Day 3

March 8, 2024

HDBuzz is back for the last day of the CHDI HD Therapeutics Conference: Thursday February 29th in Palm Springs, California. This article summarizes our real-time…

Huntington’s Disease Therapeutics Conference 2024 – Day 1

March 7, 2024

The HDBuzz team recently convened in Palm Springs, California, along with hundreds of other scientists from all over the globe, for the 19th Annual HD…

CRISPR-based drugs: one giant leap for mankind

February 15, 2024

You’ve likely heard of CRISPR. By now, you also may have heard that CRISPR has been used to produce a revolutionary new treatment for Sickle…

Making babies: having a family, the HD way

January 12, 2024

For people at risk of Huntington’s disease, having a baby who might inherit HD can make decisions around planning a family extremely difficult. This article…

Steady progress from uniQure – promising data to end the year

December 22, 2023

With the holidays approaching, welcome news arrived on December 19th in a press release from uniQure. The latest data from the HD-GeneTRX studies of AMT-130,…

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